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„At first the market will change. What follows is the companies. Eventually the people themselves will convert.“


Systematic and reliable counseling

The 180° creation consulting gmbh was found in 1993 with the goal to achieve creative and comprehensible solutions through a close client orientated and systematic liaison.

We create individual concepts and strategies that result in more efficiency and success for the companies. The guranteed future of a business is dependent on two factors: Capacity for innovation and the quality of realisation.

It is in the peoples own hands to rule about the future success or failure. In them lies the vital potential of their company.

The practice

What we do? We…
  • • develop projects

  • • assess ideas

  • • counsel in processes

  • • seek for solutions

  • • bring the right people together

How do we accomplish? We…
  • • run the business temporary

  • • analyse

  • • listen

  • • develop and emend

  • • facilitate and modulate

Why do we do that? To…
  • • support growth and expansion

  • • increase quality

  • • set the focus

  • • boost the attractiveness of companies

  • • motivate

180° Projects

Ideas become concepts, then projects and later companies.


Our latest idea is connecting pleasure and crafts to create a united experience. The concept “Wineheads” invites you to put characterful heads into relation with the different kinds of wines and spirits. Handcrafted and unique!

With the project “Wineheads” we want to enhance the dimension of indulgence. Accompany us on our Instagram to get an insight of the atelier and try out yourself which “Winehead” fits the best.

Wiebke, Leo, Jakob and Karl are looking forward to receive your Feedback

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